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WOMEN RE_Colouring Change 

Next course commences: Victoria Park Centre of the Arts, 26th August 2018. 3-5.30pm


A series of activities for any woman who is (or forsees she will be) undergoing change in herself and/or her life 

Cost: $220 for 4 sessions which includes all materials 


Change involves shifts in thoughts and emotions as well as in external circumstances — either by chance or on purpose. It may arise within relationships with family, partners or colleagues; altered living situations; shifts in work or employment status; health conditions; various life stages; or simply, a desire to alter a current situation in some way. A change can bring many opportunities, excitement and joy. However, it may also involve hesitation, doubt, anxiety or fear. Let’s explore these.

Art therapy techniques will be used to explore possibilities in an enjoyable and supportive environment.

Creative media (such as paint, pastels, texta, collage, clay, modeling, sandplay, movement) enable the unconscious to be accessed to gain personal insights without having to discuss at length one’s situation.

You don’t have to be an artist—each image or piece is simply a means for you to gain understanding of the situation and to move forward. Art Therapy is a process used for making decisions and/or establishing goals as well as for healing.

Normally FACILITATED by myself (Dianne Smith, Art Therapist); and sometimes with my colleague, Joyce de Haas (Counsellor)

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