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10am - 6 PM 

Victoria Park Centre for the Arts 

$150.00 includes all the required materials 

Enrolments:     04 1303 4348

An engaging arts-based intensive for women to draw upon their experiences and connect with internal resources as a means toward initiating transformation and moving forward. 


The day involves a small group of women with whom you will work along side in the studio setting. 

As the exercises use art materials, you will always have a choice to share verbally as much or as little as you are comfortable doing. 

You are encouraged to collect your insights in a personal journal as we go. 

We will have a longer break at lunchtime, so please bring your lunch or something to share with the others, while we relax.  


Women of all ages who wish to reflect upon and/or to commence moving toward creating new aspects to their lives.  



Maximum 8 people



This workshop will enable women to reflect on a facet of their life with the intention of gaining insights that can trigger a potential shift. 

By drawing upon her experiences and connecting with her internal resources, each woman will work through five exercises toward realising a means to her own transformation. 



Five overarching objectives for the day are:

  1. To raise awareness of the situation a woman finds herself in 

  2. To recognise the potential she has to reconsider what is taken for granted  

  3. To connect with the surrounding environment as tool or metaphor to understand who she is or could be 

  4. To gain a sense-of-control through insight, understanding, and/or actions 

  5. To identify the next step/s on a personal path 

Cost: $180/day 

Please contact me if concessions should apply. 

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