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Group Work

Small group sessions are held for those who like to explore goals and/or issues in the company of others. Those participating are free to share as much or little as they are comfortable with.

Examples include

    Women Re--colouring Change             

    Conversations with Your Inner Child



Costs vary with session length and number

One-on-one Sessions

One-to One Transpersonal Art Therapy sessions with Dianne are possible. These can be a single sessions or a number of sessions depending on the issues involved. These are normally 1 to 1.5 hours each. The sessions mainly involve non-verbal techniques.

Fee per session: $80/hour, $120/1-1.5hrs hour and $140/ 1.5-2hours

Concessions available

Collabrative Therapy 

Dianne enjoys working with other complementary therapists to provide the most appropriate and meaningful sessions for those participating.


She has an ongoing relationship with: 

Joyce de Haas of Run Free Counselling

Toni Jackson of Toni Jackson Counselling

Consultancy Collaborations 

Dianne contributes her experience and knowledge to design and/or research teams.


In addition she also seeks experts to form groups to work on consultancy projects. She also engages with others to develop new projects addressing topical issues.

Fees vary depending on project structure

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