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Education, Facilitation and Research Consultancy and Activities



I enjoy facilitating adults to learn in formal and informal settings. 

I have taught in Universities in WA and Qld in Australia as well as being a visiting lecturer in Hong Kong, Jarkarta, Durban, and Kuala Lumpar. I have taught both undergrduate and post graduate students in the areas of Interior Design/Architecture and Architecture. The content has spand from design to research methods. 


I enjoy facilitating workshops and community engagement activities to assist people to learn in organisational, community or special interest groups. I have had experinece working with large community groups to small groups consisting of a few people. 

I will work with the organisers to create sessions that are targeted to meet the needs of the participants and the overall project/activy objectives. 


I have worked as a researcher on projects that investigate different aspects of how people experience their environments. This research has been carried out as a single researcher as well as with other collaborators and with teams. I have published books, reports and academic papers. A list of some examples is included through the link.  

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