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When we are reacting out of our childhood emotional wounds, then what we are feeling may have very little to do with the situation we are in or with the people with whom we are dealing in the moment."In order to start be-ing in the moment in a healthy, age-appropriate way it is necessary to heal our "inner child." The inner child we need to heal is actually our "inner children" who have been running our lives because we have been unconsciously reacting to life out of the emotional wounds and attitudes, the old tapes, of our childhoods." (Robert Burney) 

This ONE DAY workshop identifies aspects of your inner child and explores using creative media and techniques ways to recognize and support its various aspects. 

Facilitators: Dianne Smith (Art Therapist) and Joyce de Haas (Counsellor) 

Inner ChildHealing Techniques‎

Date of next session TBC 

Please contact me if you are interested 

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