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Use art media to creatively explore your experiences in supporting roles (eg. employer, parent, partner, friend, neighbour and/or colleague) that can be rewarding but also daunting or overwhelming. 


Sun 22 May | 9.30am-12pm 

Cost: $100 (all materials supplied) 

Enrolment: 0413 034 348 | 

Concessions can apply (contact Dianne) 

Drink tea
Two people outside together
Patient with Healthcare Nurse
Woman Walking Outdoors
Friends Having Fun
Holding Hands

IWho should come?

Anyone who has found themselves in a position where you are supporting others in some way. 

Support may occur in your home, at school, at work, in the family relations, friendship group, and so on.

Caring for others can be quite exhausting and the person doing the caring or supporting may not have time for themself and they can feel under stress, depleted, and/or not be able to continue even though they may be willingto to support the other person/people. 

This workshop helps those joining to consider how they can strengthen their internal resources and approaches to enable them/you to build a life that can sustain you in such roles. 


To provide opportunities to explore 'creatively' your potential to cope with such situations. 


In Victoria Park, WA.  

What to Bring? 

Just yourself. All materials are supplied 

What to wear? 

Things which you do not mind getting dirty as we will be using art/craft media 

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