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Yesterday's workshop with you was rewarding and an exercise I would highly recommend to those who are at a crossroad in their lives or are carrying a big load, which leaves them in an indecisive state. Or any reason really.  We were a small group yesterday which I enjoyed. It was a big intense day, 10am to 6pm with short breaks which allowed me to stay focused and engaged with the exercises.

I was particularly impressed with your calmness, clarity, compassion, and ability to control the exercises so we continued to move forward.  You inspire trust Dianne and although at times I was full of uncontrolled emotion you never made me feel foolish instead your kind yet firm even tone was reassuring and gave me the courage to continue.  Thank you for an amazing day. 

(A Woman's Journey: The Next Step Participant, December 2019) 

"I have always found Dianne’s caring, thoughtful facilitation comforting and intriguing - her open-ended questions and unassuming manner help me get in touch with myself. Accessing my thoughts and feeling indirectly through symbols and various art mediums is also very helpful - going at my own pace to confront and celebrate what I make of my life."

(Strengthening Self: Supporting Others Participant May 2019)

"I am always surprised at the depth of personal work that art therapy brings, all without speaking a word. To be my own witness brings me peace. Thank you for creating this space, Dianne"

(Working with the Internal Imposter Participant, Feb. 2018)


"Just enjoyed being in a space where I felt safe and comfortable to explore myself…"

(Exploring Self through Creative Media, Participant June 2017)

 "For me, the preparation and then the main activities in both sessions worked really well. Even the second session, when my intention was difficult for me to face up to, the various aspects of the evening’s process enabled me create a work and then engage with it, reflect on it so as to make some progress on the problem.  I slept exceptionally well after both sessions!! I’m making progress." 

(Exploring Self with Creative Media Participant July 2018)

"My experience as a person coming along to check it out and do something different out of curiosity with my mother and myself quickly turned into an enlightening adventure. The focus was changed from week 1 to 4. It shifted from my world focusing on all people and my responsibilities to my own cave of need. I learnt I am enough! A very fulfilling, enlightening experience!! I would recommend it!!"  

(Body Place Participant March 2017)

" A fantastic avenue to explore one's self. I was pleasantly surprised with some of the messages from the subconscious and a new appreciation of art in its therapeutic form.

(Women RE_Colouring Change Participant September 2016)

" I have done two groups now. Both were very insightful. I felt comfortable and supported the whole time."

(Life Spectrum Participant (2016) and Women RE_Colouring Change (2016)

"A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Self-reflection at its best."

(Women RE_Colouring Change Participant September 2016)

"It's always well worth it, when you take time out to learn new things, do something for yourself and just be kids again and draw!"

(Life's Spectrum Participant Nov. 2016)

Thank you for giving me tools to be able to appreciate colour. I am so grateful to have unlocked this passion for being creative."

(Life's Spectrum Participant Nov. 2016)

"Very enjoyable and has enthused me to take up my art again!!"

(Women RE_Colouring Change Participant September 2016)

" Joyce and Dianne were perfect guides, prioritising the right balance of inspiration and reassurance in the process of self-reflection and learning."  (Life's Spectrum Participant Nov. 2016)

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