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NEWS and Updates 2022

Mid year Update 


new year update

Well 2021 came and went and my attention to this news/updates page was very intermittent and so this year 2022 I will make sure I update evey couple months and/or if events or insights arise. 

SO what has happennened over the last six months?

It has been a great time for me.
I have had the privilege of working with a number of people one-on-one at my consulting studio-office in Victoria Park. Supporting them to gain insights into their lives and in regard to particular issues is such an enjoyable process. 

In addition, I have ran a number of workshops. If you would like me to run a workshop to suit your needs or interests please feel free to contact me. A number of my workshops can be seen on this site under ART THERAPY/ Workshops. 
Most recently during 2021  I have run a number of workshops:

       i. Four on  befriending the feelings of being an Imposter.
      ii. Self-care with the staff of Headspace 
      iii. Two sessions of Wheel of Wellbeing at the Sistahood Rising festival 
My Place and Meaning 

       v. Creativity over three weeks

I have been engaging in some interesting courses as well. These have been provided on ZOOM being delivered by colleagues in America and Europe. 
These included Expressive Creative Arts to deal with Trauma as well as others on Somatic Techiniques to address Trauma. Really interesting content which I will be able to use to inform my own work. 

I managed to face my fears of social media and started an Instagram account for 
dad - See diannesmithdesignarttherapy . Thanks to Yolanda Stapleton for showing me the way. 

As Australia and Western Austrlalia opens up to one another, as well as to the wider world, it is a great time to reconnect with friends and family members. However, at the same time I know there are many people who are very tentative about the spread of the virus as they watch the events in the East of Australia. It is a time of change and hard to readily predict our futures. This can foster feelings of unease or being disempowered. The neverending flow of news stories on TV and through our devices can be overwhelming -- so take time out to create a more balance and to do some things that are positove or bring you joy. 

Please seek support if you are feeling anxious, depressed, lonely or the like. 
Organisations such as Beyond Blue and Lifeine provide support 24/7. 

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Events and Courses
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