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Yellow Fire Lanterns




To allow participants an opportunity to meet and explore their own Inner Child dimensions,


Come and use a variety of creative media to explore the concept of

Inner Child and then meet her, in an enjoyable and supported group

setting. Come and experience how this new relationship could help in

your self love and growth journey.

To be held at the Sistahood Rising 3 day residential

November 1st - 3rd 2019 

Fairbridge Village, Pinjarra WA

Final program to be be released via the conference website.


Dianne Smith and Joyce de Haaas 

"Joyce and Dianne were perfect guides, prioritising the right balance

of inspiration and reassurance in the process of self-re􀂧ection and

learning." (Past Participant) 

Joyce de Haas strongly believes everyone has the answers within

themselves. She has loved Inner Child work since experiencing this

in her own personal growth journey and discovering how having a

positive relationship with her Inner Child has fostered self love and

the ability to self soothe.  Professional Experience

Joyce de Haas has been a counsellor and group facilitator for over 20

years, working in a wide range of not for pro􀂦t agencies and her own

private business up in The Perth Hills.


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