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SUNDAY April 3rd 2021

11am to 5pm 

Cost: $100 includes all required materials 


04 1303 4348 

Please let me know if concessions should apply.

RSVP: As soon a possible so the studio space can be secured 

At times it can feel as though you are not really as capable as you appear.

This session is for women who are undertaking projects and/or roles during which they may feel this way.

Using creative media and art therapy techniques it aims to reconsider the nature of the idea of the imposter within. 

WHY do I feel like an IMPOSTER? 

ONE DAY Session


You will join a small group (2-6 women) to partake in a number of art-based activities.

Each activity will build on the previous so that you will have opportunities to investigate how you are feeling

and how you may be able to manage situations as your awareness grows. 


1. To assist women to recognise what research has shown about feelings that are very common -- particularly in women.

2. To asssist each woman, through raised awareness, to change the relationship to 'her imposter' experience so that she is not limited in what she can do.  


The session is in the studio at the rear of VIctoria Centre of the Arts at 12 Kent St, Victoria Park.

Please arrive just before 10am. 



All art materials will be provided. As we are using a variety of different types of media, wear clothes that you are comfortable with getting paint, pastels or the like on them. (Or bring an apron)

Refreshments for morning and afternoon breaks will be provided but please bring something for your lunch and/or to share with others. 

You will photograph your own work, as well as taking it with you.

I will also record them for my files only with your permission.

If you have queries please feel free to contact me. 

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