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january  update
Helllo everyone,
This is my first dsd update for sometime -- so apologies for not atttending to keeping you in the loop. Thank you to those who have given me feedback on the site and the activities covered. I will be putting updates every two months to keep you in the loop. As its such a long time, there is a few things to tell you about. Please feel free to get in touch with news, comments and/or sugggestions for sessions or workshops which can address your needs. I would enjoy your input. 
So what has been happening? 
Summer is well and truely here by now and the garden is struggling on. However, it is so good to see the bees have returned; particularly in the vegetable garden helping to pollinate the zucchini, peppers and butter pumpkins. We loook forward to eating the fruits of their labour. I think I should win the prize for the smallest strawberries but we should be grateful that things are growing. 
Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts Therapy Advanced / Level Two Live Webinar Series
In regard to art therapy activities, I had the priveledge of participating in an on line course over six weeks. It was ran by Dr Catherine Malchiodi, an expert in working with people who have/are sufferring from trauma. It was a hands-on course and each weeks we (the students) put the theory into practice using diffferent materials and exercises.  I am looking forward to undertaking the next series, If you are interested in group or one-on-one sesssions in this area please contact me to discuss. 
dsd was closed between Christmas and the 14th January. for the New Year break. It is always a good time to reflect on the past year and to plan a way forward with renewed rigour and enthusiasm.                          
Now the year has kicked off again, I am looking forward to facilitating two workshops __ Why Am I Feeling Like an Imposter? (Sunday 7th Feb) and My Place and Meaning (Sunday 7th March). The first addresses the common beliefs and misconceptions held by a lot of women. They feel that they are frauds or shams ad that the fact they are not as good as they seem, they are uncomfortable and in the worse case anxious believing they will be found out. Reframing this belief can be very liberating. The second workshop,  is about the ability of a place to help people feel worthy and connected as well as reflecting his identity. By creating a place that resonates with yourself, your identity 
august-september  update
This is my second update for 2020. In WA we have been lucky to have avoided community spread of Covid -19 so I feel blessed whilst watching the news from Victoria and NSW. Still there are many here who are concerned about their employmet, their home situations, and/or regarding other friends and family over East or internationally. Don't forget there are many services you can link into if you feel that you need support (such as Beyond Blue or Life Line) as well as many sources on line or the radio identifying strategies for overcoming how you may be feeling if at a loose end (eg. ABC Radio has had a number of information programs). 
So what has been happening at dsd and what is planned for the rest of the year? 
After the lockdown finished a number of workshops were advertised to be held at my studio or at the VPCA Studio. This included those held previously as well as a new one "Feeling a Lifestyle".  This was a two day workshop of two hours each session where we used drawing media on the first down and clay the following day. 
In addition, clients have been able to return to my dsd studio in Victoria Park for one on one sessions. Note concessions can apply depending on your situation so please bring this to my attention and we can discuss. 
New workshops will be advertised for the next term very soon. If there is something that you would like to attend please contact me and we can arrange suitable times and venues.  
At the moment - as Spring sets in  - it is wonderful to look out the window and see the new growth beginning to burst into bloom. And fingers crossed we can have equal shares with the garden pests who enjoy the vegetable and fruit produce this season. 
april update
This is my first update for 2020 and a lot of changes are occuring around us as I write this note. I was sad to cancel the proposed workshops but new opportunities open up as we have to tackle social distancing, staying home, working largely alone, and the like. Unfortunately I can not see you at my home studio. 
I am starting this month putting online an art-based activity under the 'ISO_ART' heading in the Menu. Hopefully you will find them enjoyable as an activity to help you navigate these unusual times. 

These are a series of creative-based exercises that I am designing and will add them to the website each week. You may use them at your leisure. They will take you 5 to 30 minutes. Enjoy! 

Please note if you would like a on-on-one session please contact me directly by text or email and we can set up an on-line means to do so. As we will be using your materials, the rates would be adjusted accordingly. Also as many of you may have had hours at work reduced or be without work, I am happy to adjust the fees so please contact me to discuss. 

There are  hours being spent each day in the garden enjoying fruit and vegetables coming into season. It is always a time of learning watching how the plants, birds and insects are reaching a balance of the demands being placed upon them. The red tailed black cockatoos I think were able to  clean out most of the olives but I am hoping that there is one batch left for the household!

'...Like the tiger, we connect to the earth mindfully, with awareness of what we are doing. ...we know that every decision we make has repercussions for the future. We slow down and look at the lay of the land before deciding what to say and not to say, what to do and not to do. ...' '...What shall I cultivate? What shall I discard? --before we speak or act...;it is care and awareness...stabilizing our strategy for bring meaning to our life.'  

('Ruling your world. Ancient Strategies for modern life.' by Sakyong Mipham p43)

december update
December commenced with the new workshop intensive A WOMAN’S PATH: THE NEXT STEP.  It was wonderful to be witness to the women working through their situations while supporting each other. Each left committing to an immediate action that she could see was acheivable as part of the larger goals and pathway she is working toward. 
Although today is a beautiful day,  I am sure we are all conscious of the heat across Australia,  as well as the compounding effects on the fires and droughts. It is possible to be overwhelmed by these sitautions as they seem to be beyond our control.  Therefore, It is a timely to consider how we can care for our own 'little patch' and/or how we can support others whom we encounter in our day to day lives. These actions may seem very small but still have impact (including how it makes us feel as a positive side effect). Collectively, as we all do our small bit we are improving the quality of our lives and those around us.
I personally enjoy the idea of the NEW Year as this bizarre random time gives us a chance to start again-- to take that first step toward what is needed, to forgive and forget all the things we thought we would or should do, and to recognise that somethings are just not going to occur and to replace those ideas with other aims to attempt or acheive something different. Letting go of the things that make us feel guilty, constrained, sad, or concerned about so that we can reframe how we see the potential future is a very liberating process. Those of you who have untaken processes using art therapy techniques, will have experienced the benefits of seeing and understanding things differently.  This potentially brings hope and joy as we let go of the unhelpful activities and thoughts and replace them with purpose and energy for these new shifts (no matter how large or small they may be).
I wish you all the best for the coming year;
and the time to embrace your own personal gift (thought, action or event) for yourself.
dsd will be closed til 14th January. However, if you need to contact me before then please feel free to do so.
One-on-one sessions will be held at my Victoria Park studio. Workshops for small groups (2-8 people) will be held at the studio, Victoria Park Centre for the Arts, or alternative venues depending on topics and numbers. If you have topics or issues you would like explored in a special workshop format please feel free to suggest it to me. 
ALSO the Creativity and YOU course will be commencing in 2020.
My apologies for the unforseen delays in the proposed launch. This course involves an introductory session, follow-up monthly sessions, as well as guided sessions undertaken during your own time. The mix will depend on each participant's needs and circumstance. More information will be circulated as well as being on the dsd website. 
november update
Well I am back from leave, having travelled from Brisbane to Southern Victoria including Melbourne, Sydney, rural NSW and rural Victoria. During that time I had the pleasure of meeting up with family and friends; many who have inspired me as they deal with health and life issues in their own ways. 
While travelling I also had the pleasure of running a professional development workshop for councillors at the Shepparton Baptist Church introducing them to art therapy and its potential role. It was great to see their enthusiasm for the associated techniques. 
Since returning to WA, with my friend and colleague Joyce de Haas, I attended the Sistahood Rising 2019 three day gathering to present a workshop. This was an Introduction to Your Inner Child.  It was a joy and privledge to work with approximately 25 women, who incorparated art and making as part of their exploration of their inner child.
The three days was an exciting event, which encouraged approximately 300 women to explore their lives, their potential, and spirituality in a breadth of ways, The recognition that the world is changing and the way things have previously been done is also evolving, invited the attendees to reconsider how we can positively influence the world through reconsidering life and our assumptions.
For those of you who are interested in reading articles, you may be interested in the publication from the 2018 ECARTE conference which was just released in September 2019 at the latest conference. It is a digital flip book. 
Traditions in Transition in the Art Therapies. Edited by Richard Hougham, SalvoPitruzella, Sarah Scoble and Hilda Wengrower. UPP University of Plymouth Press. pp231-248. 
My chapter is included: 'Art Therapy Draws on Place'
Finally, I hope to see you at the workshop December 1st 
A WOMAN’S PATH: THE NEXT STEP. Let me know if you would like to attend. 
sept to november update
The longer days (more sunshine) and warmer temperatures are helping us to take a positive approach to our day-to-day lives. It is easier to be in the garden, go for a walk, or the like to stretch the body and clear the mind.  
I will be going on annual leave during October and I am looking forward to the break and catching up with family and friends. dsd will be back to business the first week in November.  
Before this time the ANZACATA conference (Aust and NZ art therapy professions) is being held in Brisbane in September but unfortunately I cannot attend. The last one was held in Perth in 2018 and provided great insights into the practice of art therapy and the latest research. Two highlights were the drama therapy activities and the felting workshop which I attended.  
june to august update
At present I am looking at the bulbs bursting into flower and the brand new fruit trees with their first blossoms and flush of green. Learning to be a gardener is a new but rewarding challenge. The winter is coming to an end but for me it is still cool enough to light the fire in the cold of the evening for comfort. 
Looking back over the Winter months there has been lots of things happening in the Art and Design spaces. Firstly, it is great to be using the new studio space for one-on-one sessions and small groups of two or three.   
Secondly, I am looking forward to the Inner Child workshop at the Sistahood Rising 2019 event at the beginning of November. My collegaue and friend counsellor Joyce de Haas and I will be running introductory session on Saturday that will faciitate people to connect to their inner child. We will be using creative materials and art therapy techniques.
In December I am holding a one day intensive at the Victoria Park Centre for the Arts' studio called  A WOMAN’S PATH: THE NEXT STEP. I hope to see you there but please book as places are limited. Details can be found under WORKSHOPS on the above menu. 

I was happy to contribute to two exhibitions: one at the gallery at the VPCA using mixed media exploring the conflicting understanding of home and domesticity; And another in QLD held at a home-based gallery capturing the relations between people and places via photographs taken during our travels. It was good to share our experiences.  
Another colleague and I have been exploring how the design people with impaired cognitive functioning's homes may influence the person's wellbeing. If you are interested in reading the articles we have published, I have loaded the links on the PUBLICATIONS page (listed in the menu). 
Sorry to say but while revising the website the news up til June 2019 was lost in translation!
Sistahood Rising 2019.  Fairbridge Village, Pinjarra
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