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Dr Dianne Smith (PhD)

BSc, BArch(Hons), GradDipIntDes(Dist), GradCertEd(HigherEd), 

Adv.Dip.Trans.ArtTherapy, PhD, FDIA, AIA     Member ANZACATA 


My current practice merges my ongoing education and varied experiences from many years. In 1970s I was educated as a zoologist at ANU in Canberra and this interest in biology, ecology and behaviour lead me to work as a research assistant in Brisbane. Looking to balance my artistic interests, I studied Architecture and later Interior Design. The resultant work complemented my earlier environmental interests with my desire to work with people to create environments which enhanced their lives in someway. This was further enhanced by my PhD studies exploring how the physical places we occupy influence how others see and treat us, as well as how we understand and express ourselves.  Through my teaching and research at universities in WA and Qld (as well as visiting positions internationally), this knowledge has informed the realisation of the importance of our everyday environments in a person's wellbeing. In order to explore and understand how the creative arts (including design and architecture) can assist all people in gaining insights into their personal and professional lives, as well as in therapeutic situations, I studied Transpersonal Art Therapy.  Today my practice aims to marry these professional attributes with my personal philosophy. 


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Every individual can develop their life to take advantage of his or her potential at any particular time. 

I aim to work collaboratively with clients to support them to recognise any barriers that may arise, the potential that they hold and to identify various means to achieve that end.

People can respond to circumstances to raise awareness and gain insights. He or she may create strategies to instigate degrees of change.

Major or minor, these may arise through the opportunities revealed through exploration and reflection using creative practices.

photograph: dianne smith 

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