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Using a number of media this course facilitates you to tap into your creativity


THIS COURSE is BEING DEVELOPED ready for launch at the end of 2021 depnding on the COVID-19 restrictions. 

The introductory course details and information regarding fees, location and program are being developed.

The first residential is planned as an immersive live-in workshop on the outskirts of Perth, WA.

A series of activities are structured to lead you through exploration of your creative potential as well as to discover and manage the blockages you may have to your creative spirit. This will occur in a supportive, interactive environment catering to different participants' needs. 

This is accompanied by on-line activities and support materials as part of a 12 month program depending on yor needs. 

Creativity and You

                A course consisting of a number of short workshops designed to facilitate your creativity.             Each will incorporate a key medium through which you will explore your relationship

with your creative side.

You may navigate the sequence of workshops in your own way to suit your personal schedule

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