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Art Therapy Consultation

Art therapy techniques are used to explore possibilities/issues in a non-threatening, enjoyable and supportive environment. Creative media (such as paint, pastels, texta, collage, clay, modeling, sandplay, movement) enable the unconscious to be accessed to gain personal insights without having to discuss at length one’s situation.

Refer to Art Therapy Link in the MENU

Workshops normally involve 2-8  people although larger groups can be designed for if you disciss your requirements with me. All workshops wil involve activities carried out using creative media. Each one is based around a core theme. 


Please explore the workshops available by clicking on the heading Workshop Opportunities or the  MENU link above. These may be a few hours to a aession over a number of weeks depending on its focus. 

 Transpersonal Art Therapy


Small group work

Organizational or Community group workshops

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