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Services in summary

Art therapy techniques are used to explore possibilities/issues in a non-threatening, enjoyable and supportive environment. Creative media (such as paint, pastels, texta, collage, clay, modeling, sandplay, movement) enable the unconscious to be accessed to gain personal insights without having to discuss at length one’s situation.

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Art Therapy Consultation

Design Consultation

Education and Facilitation

Research Consultation

As a qualified designer in architecture and interior architecture my work reflects a particular interest in how a person’s identity and sense of self are influenced by the environments that they inhabit. I can assist in developing schemes for existing as well as new environments. I also have expertise in colour design.

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I enjoy facilitating groups to explore new possibilities regarding existing or speculative situations. This involves traditional workshop strategies as well as creative thinking and design processes to reframe participants' thinking. As an educator in universities for over twenty years I enjoy the students' transformation  through immersive educational contexts.

Research into environments and how people interact and experience them is a critical aspect of my practice as a designer and educator. Various creative and more trandition research methodologies are integrated to open up new understandings and to build knowledge.

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